So… I had a dream last night which involved a conversation I had with a few of my new brothers back around the beginning of October it was about a thought I had which went something like this.


Have you ever thought about how stainless steel is made? You take iron a soft and easily shaped and corrupted metal and to it you add in various elements and convert it to steel, now steel is much stronger, tools hold a sharp edge better but still it doesn’t resist corruption too well but take steel and introduce enough heat to burn off impurities and add chromium to it and it develops a coating that greatly increases its resistance to corruption, it’s not completely stain proof as the name implies but its a whole lot better than when it started. Right now I’m iron but I hope to be stainless some day.

I know, I know, it’s a silly notion but I thought,

If “I” could be stainless

Then “I” will be perfect!

If “I” can fix my flaws

Then “I” will be worthy!

all “I” have to do is..

There was a whole lot of “I’s” in that conversation, that’s how the dream started, with ME and MY game plan for MY life, and then God shows up.. and He says to me ” you have it all wrong you should be like copper”

COPPER!? you have got to be kidding me! are you serious?

“trust me” He says, but it tarnishes Lord! “I know” He says, and it’s so soft it dents and gets scratched easy Lord! “I know” He says, but Lord it’s one of the lowliest metals, we make pennies out of it, it’s even the smallest denomination of our currency! “I know” He says. I just don’t understand Lord why? then He says to me ” You base it’s worth on values set by man. He says “Copper SERVES to provide warmth for your home, Copper SERVES to provide electricity and run every electronic device on earth, Copper SERVES as a bonding agent to bring dissimilar metals together and Copper SERVES as an anti-bacterial anti-fungal agent to ward off disease, it does all of these great things hidden from view yet you call it lowly?” It sank in, I don’t even know why I thought I could out argue perfect logic but He is right, I don’t need to be perfect to be useful, I don’t need to be spotless to have value. I have thought about that dream and thought about it and I have come to the conclusion that I really do enjoy SERVING I am at my happiest when I feel useful, I receive joy from it which makes perfect sense because I now realize it’s how He shaped me,

the little Copper pot


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